Improving Health through Exercise

Health plays an essential role in everyone’s life. There are many problems that human beings are going through and the only way to cure these problems is to make up an exercise plan. People are facing many problems related to their health which makes them unhealthy. If you're going through such problem or even if you're obese, then you’ve to read this article until the end.

Well, if you're getting started with a workout plan, then there are many things that you should keep in mind. So let me clarify, a workout plan consists of aerobic fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility. You’ve to be doing almost everything to keep yourself healthy. Another most important thing that every person ignores is diet. Well, here we've come up with few things about health improvement through exercise and diet.

Planning a Workout Routine

Senior Airman Angela Duff, 62nd Aerial Port Squadron, runs on a pathway along Heritage Hill Apr 19 as part of her daily routine. SrA Duff, an aspiring fitness competitor, attributes her physical fitness to eating healthy and regular free weight workouts at the base gym. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Abner Guzman)

So here is the most important thing before you start working out. Planning a routine and planned workout is much more important than everything in life. There are some ways and tips which you should keep in mind before you start working out.

  • The first step should be your strength workout which will help you burn calories to increase muscles. Doing strength before aerobics is very helpful as it will burn your all consumed calories and the calories used will be provided by fat present in the body during aerobics.
  • There should be no such heavy exercise in the early stages as it can make your workout worse and you can get an injury
  • There are many exercises that are related to abdomen and people with fat belly are told to do these exercise. Don’t follow that it is just a myth.
  • Well, there is no such use of these exercises as abdomen is also a muscle and belly fat is different from a muscle. So it is just a myth and running can be much helpful in decreasing fat from the belly.

Planning a proper diet plan

Diet plays a vital role in improving your health. If you're working out without a proper diet plan then trust me, there is no use of exercising without a well-planned meal. You can follow these steps mentioned below to make up a better diet plan

  • There is this myth that fats are not good. Well, fats are of two types, saturated and unsaturated. You should try to add unsaturated and decrease the amount of saturated fat from your diet.
  • Don’t forget to eat a sufficient amount of protein and you can find the proper amount of protein by this formula “lbs (weight)*0.75.” This Formula will give out the appropriate grams of protein needed.
  • If you're obese and you're worried about your increasing weight, then you shouldn’t be concerned about that. The only thing that matters the most while losing weight is your inches. So, keep a track on your inches, and it will help you a lot.

Hope you found this guide helpful.